Sam Lougheed


A Mod 1 & 2 PAS pass for Sam Lougheed at Burton this morning . "PAS" stands for Progressive Access Scheme....Its not just "DAS" pass, there's also an "AAS" pass which stands for Accelarated Access Scheme...So DAS pass PAS pass [...]

George Griffiths


CBT & 9 hours start to finish for his full licence for George Griffiths of Shepshed...Can now go out with his Dad Nick who passed with us a few years ago...Well done & good luck with your golfing career....

Richard Turner


Congratulations to Richard Turner from Coleorton on passing Mod 2 this morning at Burton. Richard did a CBT (£150) with Daniel (former DVSA bike examiner & now "Despotic Overlord" @ Ablerider ) followed by 6.5 hours (£227.50) start to finish [...]

Nick Griffiths


Former trainee Nick Griffiths followed us up to the test centre yesterday to see his son pass the mod 1 with us..since passing with us Nick has had a few bikes and now on the big red thing pictured.. Nick is [...]

Jordon Morris


Congratulations to Jordon Morris from "The Army" on passing his mod 2 this morning at Wigston Leicester....Carry on Corporal...

Andy Muddimer


Started to get a little formulaic having the test passes pose in front of our sign so here's one in front of our training area @Coalville rfc. Congratulations on passing mod 2 at Wigston this afternoon to Andy Muddimer from Ashby. Having [...]

Jamie Botterill


Congratulations to Jamie Botterill from Ravenstone on passing his mod 1&2 today over at Wigston. Started at 8am back at base by 4pm. Jamie did "progressive access" as he had already passed on an A2 bike 2 years ago...there is also [...]

Matt Owen


Welcome to the club Matt Owen! Passed his mod 2 at Wigston today. Matt did his CBT 2 weeks ago on a big bike with the Cheif, Richard. Then booked his training as he needed them. Matt has only needed [...]

Kristian Kelly


Today's mod 2 pass Kristian Kelly from Woodville. Kris did a total of 14 hours additional to his CBT to get his full licence..everyone knows how long an hour is that's why we quote per hour not per "day":...Well done [...]

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