Antoine of Measham. He did his CBT today on a 600cc bike, I also managed to get him a mod 1 test in Lincoln this afternoon which he passed easily.

Joe Parker


Congratulations to Joe Parker on gaining his full licence (with 6.5 hours tuition on top of his CBT) in Burton this morning

Rob Masters


Congratulations on a zero fault Mod 2 pass today at Burton for Rob Masters. Rob did a CBT and 7 hours of additional training to pass mod 1 & 2.

Callum Truman


CBT and 9hours DAS to gain a full licence. Congratulations to Callum Truman of Ibstock..

Aaron Webster


CBT and 10 hours of me droning on were all Aaron Webster required to gain his full A licence at Nottingham today. Congratulations young man.

Will Nicholson


Congratulations to Will Nicholson of Coalville on passing his test today....CBT & 8 hours plus test fees....Pass in hours not days...

Jamie Cripps


A clean sheet for my 1st mod 2 trainee since the C19 Bull Shit kicked off in March goes to Jamie Cripps of Ashby

Jake Chamberlain


CBT plus 9 hours to gain a full licence for Jake "the Cake" Chamberlain of Mountsorrel. Well done!

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