Gurpreet Singh


1st time mod 1&2 today for Gurpreet Singh from Ravenstone. 7 hours total on top of his CBT. Gurpreet is the gaffa at Central Bar & Grill in Ibstock and will make you very welcome, especially if your on a [...]

James Bland


This pass goes to James Bland from East Goscote, 8 hours paid in total not the "minimum 15hours I've heard from other schools? Well done enjoy the Guzzi

Charlie, Luke and Darren


Twos company but threes better. Congratulations on passing today from left to right go to Charlie Brunt (rhymes with hunt) Luke Wilkins and Darren Webb...Well done team

Owen and Emma


Clean sheets for Owen ( on the left  ) and Emma (on the right) at Wigston this afternoon...Makes riding through torrential rain and strong winds worth it. We'll done guys, enjoy

Matthew Cope


8 hours in total for Matthew Cope from Crewe to gain his full licence. Faultless passes on both MOD 1 & 2.....Quality not quantity..Well done Matthew enjoy the ZX6R

Wayne St Denis


Last but not least pass of the week goes to Wayne St Denis , total of 10 hours with us to gain his full licence....Well done Wayne

David Zencuch


How could I forget this guy....Congratulations to David Zencuch on passing his test on Wednesday. A total of 11 hours plus CBT

Kieran Gent


Zero rider faults for Kieran Gent on his MOD 2 at Burton this morning. Kieran did a CBT & 8.5 hours in total to gain his full licence. Well done.

Harley Flood


Congratulations to Harley Flood from "Derbyshire" on passing mod 1 & 2 this morning at Leicester. Harley suffers with ginger hair so preferred to keep his helmet on for the picture. He did his CBT Tuesday with Daniel, started this [...]

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