On the right we have Connor French from Shepshed. Connor did his CBT & MOD 1 on a CBF600 in one day last week. He passed his mod2 at Wigston today with zero faults. So full licence done in 2 days. The slightly less cheerful chap is Jason Statham, sorry Joseph Quinzi from Measham. Like Connor he did his CBT on a big bike last week and demonstrated he was more than good enough to pass his test. So booked him in for a mod 1 at 9.40 and a mod 2 at 14.11 today at Wigston..He passed mod 1 zero faults but unfortunately a cyclist riding the wrong way down a one way street threw his equilibrium and got him to cock up on position for turning right on a one way street. Apart from that he too would have got his licence in a total of 2 days