Instructor training

Motorbike Instructors

Not many jobs give the same sense of satisfaction as motorcycle instructor. To pass on your knowledge to a complete novice and take them from a wobbly nervous wreck to a confident safe rider is a fantastic feeling. To see the grin on their face when they come to show you the new bike they have just bought is a real privilege.

HOWEVER it is hard work! To be a good motorbike instructor you need to have the following qualities.

  1. Patience
  2. We require that you have held a full (cleanish) licence for a minimum of 10years or that you can prove a comprehensive riding/motorcycling background or history.
  3. Patience
  4. You may be an experienced rider and safe as the "Rock of Gibraltar" but are you a people person? Good communication skills are vital. Also you need to be observant, analytical, and methodical. A good sense of humour is another must have!
  5. Patience

As with all our training courses we do not pretend that "one size fits all" so prefer to organise training after initial interview/pint at the pub. An average instructor candidate will do 2 days 1 to 1 going through basic instructing techniques geared to the CBT course. This is followed by a period of observing "live" courses before taking the reigns under the supervision (protection) of our chief instructor.

When you are judged to be ready you will be issued with your instructor licence and can then start to conduct CBT courses.

Once you have found your sea legs we will then organise your DAS instructor course. In most cases an extra 2 days of training.

We give you the option of working your ticket with us to pay for the training or paying as you go. For full details email or call.