Direct Access Scheme (DAS)

To get a full licence you need to do the following:

Bike age restrictions

Misconceptions about bike schools and tests:

CBT has to be done on a 50cc-125cc bike
     -Incorrect. Your CBT can be done on any size bike with respect to your age. Only your ability may limit you. With us your will be given exercises on your CBT to see if you can progress sooner. Doing your CBT on a large bike would be ‘DAS’ training-

How many hours training do I need to do before the test?
     -The only training you have to do in law is a CBT. So if you have good experience with riding motorcycles you can book your test when you are comfortable-

You have to go to a bike school to get your licence
    -Incorrect. As long as you have a valid CBT & Theory test certificate you can book your Mod 1 & Mod 2 Tests and complete the tests on your own bike. Providing it is road legal, displaying ‘L’ plates front and rear and is the correct size and category for your age. Motorcycle schools only do training and take you up to the government test centre, the same as car instructors.

Benefits of the DAS with Ablerider Motorcycle Training

Need More Information About Bikes You Can Ride & Available Training Routes

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General Guide

Guide to what bike you can ride